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Diana Chan January 17, 2011 Japanese, Mount Pleasant/Main Street, Seafood

ConsultingGirl was craving for some Japanese food, so I suggested we try this place out. PinappleBun is always talking about it too, raving how amazing this little Japanese Restaurant.

The interior is really cozy. Not the best place for big groups, unless you call ahead of time.

Tea in cool cup!

We started off with the Spicy Agedashi Tofu ($3.95). It has 4 pieces of deep fried tofu with green onions and spicy sauce.

Next we ordered the Assorted Deep Panko Fry ($7.95).  This is essentially tempura, but instead of tempura batter, it has japanese bread crumbs coating the items to give them a crunchier texture. In the assorted dish were 2 prawns, 2 oysters and one croquette.

As in most our Japanese restaurant reviews, we always order the Ebi Mayo ($5.95). When it arrived at our table, we really had no idea what we were looking at. It was greens with mayo slop. Presentation quite horrible. When you stick your chop sticks and pull and ebi out, the delicious fried ebi is revealed. The ebi was quite average and it was not extraordinary but still well made despite it’s appearance.

In the future, you can ask for the mayo to be on the side to avoid mass amounts of mayo.

Up next in our food adventures was Beef tataki ($7.95). It has a sweet citrus soy sauce with green onions, and other little items to eat the tataki with. The beef tataki was a little bit thick for what we usually enjoyed eating, so it didn’t really hold too much of the sauce.

We also ordered the Zipang Roll ($5.95). Rolls that are named after the restaurant is usually really good and popular. In the cause with the Zipang Roll, yet it was! The zipang roll has scallop, salmon, radish sprouts and has tofu skin around the rice.

We also ordered the negitoro roll ($2.95).  It is a mixture of tuna belly and green onions. Pretty standard amongst Japanese restaurants. it was good, but who doesn’t like tuna belly right? Delicious!

ConsultantGirl ordered the scallop nigiri ($1.25) and I had the Toro Nigiri ($2).

We next ordered the six piece sockeye salmon sashimi ($8.50). This was a different than the usual orange salmon you get at other places. If you want the orange ones, you won’t find it here.

The flavour of the sockeye salmon tasted fresh and yummy. I never usually eat this with soy sauce. I find that the soy sauce over powers the natural taste of the salmon. Personal preference I suppose.

The second to last item we got was Spider Roll ($7.25). No spiders were harmed in the making of the roll, but I can tell you a soft shell crab did die.

Man, we ordered a lot of food! This is the Kairan Roll ($6.25). It is a scallop roll with avacado and salmon on the top. Very enjoyable!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking near residential areas
  • Low prices, great quality
  • Large Variety in menu

We Rate Zipang:


3710 Main St
Vancouver, BC
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