Zero Waste Series: Guide to Using Reusable Cups in Metro Vancouver

Diana Chan February 13, 2018 British Columbia, Zero Waste

Cups, lids and sleeves make up 22% of large litter on Vancouver’s streets, parks and public spaces Every week, 2.6 million polycoat paper cups (coffee cups) are thrown away in Vancouver plus unknown amounts of plastic and polystyrene foam cups according to the City of Vancouver.

Since I’ve stopped buying bottled water for the last few year, I thought it was time to cut down on my consumption of disposable coffee cups. My friend and I ventured on the journey by finding the best reusable coffee cup on the market and we ended up buying JOCO Cups for their style and durability after evaluating a lot of other options. Especially with its glass design, it won’t taint the taste of your coffee.

We spent about a month trying to acquire this particular cup in their artist series by Jen Lobo from Amazon. The owl design is so cute and we’ve gotten so many positive comments on it.

Discounts for using reusable cups:

There are some discounts you can get around town if you bring a reusable cup or Thermos. I’ve contacted a lot of coffee shops in the last week and here is the list of what I found. If you know of any others, please email me at diana[at] or comment below and I’ll keep this list updated.

Trees Organic 

Bring your reusable cup and you get 10% discount at all corporately owned locations.

Platform 7

Bring your own cup and enjoy 10 cents off your beverage.

Caffe Artigiano

You get 10 cents off your beverage with a reusable cup.

Elysian Coffee Roasters

Bring your reusable cup and you get 25 cents off.

Johnny CantSurf Coffee

Bring your own reusable cup and enjoy 25 cents off your beverage.

Grounds for Coffee

You get a 10 cent discount for bring your reusable cup for your coffee.

Take Five Cafe

Some franchisee owners offer 10% discount, but head office is introducing the discount as a mandatory policy for all locations in 2018.

Terra Breads

Bring your own reusable cup and enjoy 10 cents off your beverage.

David’s Tea

Ask to have your beverage made in your travel mug and they will give you a 10% rebate on your drink, every time. They also have tea-tin refills too.


Starbucks offers a 10-cent discount in the company operated stores to encourage customers to use their own reusable mugs or tumblers for their beverages. Customers staying in a store can also request that their beverages be served in a ceramic mug where available.

Allegro/ Whole Foods

You can bring your own coffee mug or thermos to receive a 25 cent discount. Alternatively, if you stay and get a 12oz coffee in their mugs, you save 10 cents.

Whisky Six BBQ

$1 off coffee with use of a coffee mug. They serve Moving Coffee Roastery and coffee is $3 regular price.


UBC Food Services and AMS Food and Beverage outlets offer a 15 to 25 cent discount to customers who use their own mugs or food containers. Bring your reusable mug or container and save.

Tim Hortons

You get a 10 cent discount when you bring in your TimMug or other travel mug to a Tim Hortons restaurant. Guests who dine in the restaurant are served their beverage in a china mug.


Bring a travel mug and save 25 cents on your coffee or tea at all Chartwells and Renaissance locations.


Free coffee and soda refills for eat-in orders at restaurants with dining rooms using reusable mugs.

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