Yoho National Park: Emerald Lake

Diana Chan October 16, 2015 Field, travel


When going through Yoho National Park right before Banff National Park, make sure you stop at Emerald Lake. Once you get there, you will be mesmerized by the vivid emerald-coloured waters.

It’s very easy to drive here from the highway and there’s a good amount of parking.


The drive was quite stunning. Lots of trees to your left and right with a beautiful mountain in front and behind you.


Then, it got foggy and I was super scared since I wanted a clear view of the lake. We were here quite early around 10am, so the fog does tend to linger in the morning.


Once we got there, the fog really started to blow away revealing the Emerald Lake beneath it.


The fog was a blessing since it made my pictures super awesome a spooky. There’s the Emerald Lake Lodge to the left.


You can rent canoes out onto the lake to paddle around. There’s trails around so you can do some hiking. Plus, if you are a photographer, theres wildlife all around the lake.


Here’s the bridge moments later where you will find a majority of the tourists.


Walk further down away from that bridge and you will find an even better view of the lake. Just stunning.


It’s a stop in the Rockies that you can’t miss. Beautiful lake and my photos really don’t do it justice. You have to see it with your own 2 eyes.


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