Yandoux Patisserie: Desserts in Olympic Village

Diana Chan April 13, 2018 Cafe, Dessert, Mount Pleasant/Main Street

Yandoux Patisserie is a new dessert shop and serves tea sets as well. I’ve passed by several times since I work in the area and was always curious. A lot of people stop by to pick up a few treats for home, but if you have time, they have their tea set for $48 per person. All their other individual cakes are around $6 per piece.


The space isn’t too large but has a clean minimalist look. A good space to hang out with a bunch of friends.

Matcha Opera Cake

This has layers of matcha sponge cake, chocolate, marshmallows and topped with a strawberry. It has a strong matcha flavour and the chocolate compliments it nicely.

Orange Blossom

There is a layer of pistachio sponge, almond sponge cake, pistachio ganache, and vanilla cremeux and orange cream. I enjoyed this.


This tasty cake has mascarpone, cheesecake, raspberry and a lychee coulis. Highly recommended too. A few bites and you’ll devour it all.


This cute little egg is made of greek yogurt for the egg white, mixed fruit curd for the yolk and a base of almond sponge with whipped ganache for the nest.

We had to cut inside to see if the centre looks just like an egg and sure enough it was perfect. It was delicious and I like the tang from the greek yogurt with the fruit curd.

Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is based off the classic book. I happen to be a huge fan, so I was mesmerized by the dessert made of Tahiti vanilla mousse, rum, and a passion fruit curd. The exterior has a vibrant blue colour and sprinkles of edible stars.

I’ve noticed a bit of inconsistency for this batch of Le Petit Prince. Some pictures I’ve seen online has more of a dark blue with white speckles that make it more of a galaxy. This one was more blue/purple. Other than the look of it, it still tasted good.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to have a cute dessert shop in the Olympic Village area as there aren’t many options in the neighbourhood unless you travel deeper into Downtown Vancouver. The taste of the dessert were good and their cakes change up so you won’t really know exactly what they have until you arrive.

1731 Manitoba St, Vancouver, BC


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