White Lotus Cafe: Vietnamese Cuisine in North Burnaby

Diana Chan November 5, 2018 Noodles, North Burnaby, Sandwich, Vietnamese

White Lotus Cafe just opened up in North Burnaby in a plaza with Buy Low Foods. A few people told me to check this place out as people in the neighbourhood seem to enjoy it. They serve up a variety of Vietnamese cuisine.


The space is small inside and there are only about 4 tables. At peak times, it’ll be hard to get a table, so come early or even do take out. They seem to do a good amount of take out and delivery.


Vietnamese Coffee

An essential item to order at a Vietnamese restaurant is their coffee. It has condensed milk and freshly brewed coffee. It’s a bit strong for some but so good with the condensed milk. Make sure to mix it well.

The White Lotus Platter

You get 2 pieces of each item – BBQ pork skewers, meat patties, spring rolls, and sugar cane shrimp. It also comes with a variety of vegetables, vermicelli noodles, and fish sauce.

It’s a good item to share with the table with the variety of items that comes with this platter.

Com Rice Platter

This dish has broken rice with vegetables and a side of fish sauce and soup. You can choose between lemongrass chicken, lemongrass pork chop, or meat patty. M chose his with lemongrass chicken and added a fried egg on top.

The chicken had a lot of good flavour of lemongrass and was a solid meal.

Bun Bo Hue

This has vermicelli noodles in a spicy beef broth with slices of beef shank, pork meat, and Vietnamese ham. It is then topped with cilantro, coriander, and green onions. You can choose from mild, medium, or hot spiciness level too.

I went with medium and it was quite spicy and I can handle a good amount of spice. Other than that, the broth was clear and clean tasting, which was nice. There is also a good amount of meat in there too.

BBQ Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

We got take out for their banh mi sandwiches to get a good sense of the menu. Their buttered baguette is stuffed with mayo, pate, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapenos, pickled daikon, carrots and BBQ Pork. M added extra meat and fried egg into his.

Cold Cut Banh Mi Sandwich

This has their buttered baguette with mayo, pate, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapenos, pickled daikon, carrots and cold cuts. This is their regular size and it’s still a great size for $5. The bread was crisp on the exterior and fluffy inside. The pickled veggies were a bit sweet for my personal taste, but I still liked the amount of meat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a great addition to the neighbourhood with decent Vietnamese cuisine. You can dine in or do take out and the prices are reasonable for the area.

 5901 Broadway, Burnaby, BC 


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