Wendys: Son of Baconator and Poutine

Diana Chan March 29, 2013 Fast Food

Wendys Son of Baconator

When it comes to fast food, I love the stuff. We all know Wendy’s famous Baconator – a tower of bacon strips, cheese and 2 quarter pounder patties. Sometimes that burger is way too big and has so much meat. Wendy’s came up with a new alternative called ‘Son of Baconator’. It is essentially a smaller version of the baconator with smaller patties.

Wendys Son of Baconator

Son of Baconator has 2 small patties, 2 cheddar cheese slices, 4 bacon strips, ketchup, and mayo. It was way smaller than the baconator, but its a good choice if you aren’t too hungry.

Wendys Son of Baconator

Poutine has canadian cheese curds, and loads of gravy on top of their fries. Obviously not the best poutine, but it was alright.

After ordering the combo, I was stuffed! I really do enjoy Wendy’s for their fast food. Much fresher ingredients than some of the other fastfood chains out there.

Do you love the baconator? or the Son of Baconator?

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