Waves: $2 Lattes for January

Diana Chan January 22, 2014 Cafe, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Event

Waves Latte

Waves $2 latte deal is back! Now I don’t need to have a Starbucks Treat receipt to wait for a coffee after 2pm. The deal is pretty good and its a medium sized latte. I always drink lattes, so as you can see, it hurts my wallet if I always buy it at regular price.

My girlfriends and I came on the weekend to just chat and chill over the $2 lattes.

Waves Latte

Waves on Commercial Drive was packed on the weekend. Lot of people studying and hanging out.

Waves Latte

The latte was pretty good and is a great size. It is an espresso based drink that is bold and balanced. The steamed milk that sits on top makes the drink sweeter. Some people add sugar, but I just like it as is. The latte art is definitely a plus.

Go grab one before January ends.


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