VANEATs Latest Dining Package: “Oh My SalaThai”

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Foodology Disclaimer: approached DJ Roman J and I to try out the “Oh My SalaThai” dining package and write a review about it. The review does not guarantee 100% similar service you might normally get from the restaurant.

Roman J and I review the “Oh My SalaThai” Dinning package from . Both Roman J and I have been to Sala Thai before but this package gave us a chance to try out other dishes which we haven’t had before.

The inside of the restaurant is full of vibrant Thai décor. DJ Roman J liked the elephant near the entrance.

The package consists of:

3 Appetizers

  • “SOM TOM”, shredded green papaya, tomatoes, green beans, ground peanuts, fresh chilies & lime juice
  • “GAI HOR BAI TOEY”, tender pieces of chicken marinated in a chef sauce wrapped and cooked in pandanus leaves
  • “THAI CRISPY SQUID”, lightly battered and tossed with mixed Thai herbs and spices

2 Mains

  • “ROYAL PAD THAI CHAO WANG”, our most popular Thai rice noodle dish with shrimp, egg, tofu, bean sprouts & ground peanut
  • “GAENG KEAW WHAN”, sliced chicken, simmered in coconut milk, Thai green curry with bamboo shoots, eggplant, bell peppers & sweet basil leaves

1 Dessert

  • “KLAUY TOD”, deep fried banana served with homemade coconut ice cream

SOM TOM.  This salad was a good start to our meal. It packed both sweet and savoury flavours. It was refreshingly crisp and the vinaigrette had a bite of fish sauce. DJ Roman J stated that “ this dish will make you love papaya”.

GAI HOR BAI TOEY. The chicken was sweet, juicy, and tender. It had a nice char on the outside and I assume it was grilled prior to being steamed. DJ Roman J could not believe it was steamed in pandanus leaves.

THAI CRISPY SQUID. The batter was nice and light. It was well seasoned with salt and other spices. It was so flavourful that it does not need a sauce.

ROYAL PAD THAI CHAO WANG. I’m picky when it comes to Pad Thai so I can honestly say this was really good. DJ Roman J thought the eggs were a nice addition to the noodles. We also like how the noodles were sweet and how the dish was filling.

GAENG KEAW WHAN. I personally love spicy food and I usually pick green curry dishes when I eat Thai food. Naturally, I loved this dish! However, this dish is not for the timid, especially if you are sensitive to spicy food. DJ Roman J thought this dish got spicier with every bite. The chicken is very tender and overall the dish is tasty.

KLAUY TOD.  After having delicious appetizers and mains I was sadly disappointed when this dessert came out. I am huge dessert person, so when I saw how small the serving was I had to think, “That’s IT!? ”. It is not made for two people, only a bite and a half per person. DJ Roman J found the batter to be a little too thick and the slice of banana was too small. Both of us did not enjoy how the ice cream was frozen hard in the center. If the ice cream had been thawed out a bit more, the dish would have been more enjoyable.

Koh-ito ($6.25) is a Thai Mojito with coconut and lime. This drink had a dominant lime flavour which was balanced out with sugar. Overall, this was a refreshing cocktail.

Overall, DJ Roman J and I found this VANEATS dining package to be a must buy! The package is great for two but the only downfall is the size of the dessert. The package offers a spectrum of flavours from sweet and savoury to very spicy.

The “Oh My SalaThai” Package can be bought for $18 at and will be good from April 18th to June 18th.


  • Very busy during dinner times, reservations are a must
  • Daily drink specials
  • Good service

We Rate SalaThai:

102-888 Burrard street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1X9


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