UP Express: Pearson International Airport to Union Station

Diana Chan June 2, 2016 Toronto, travel


What is the best way to get to Downtown Toronto from Pearson International Airport? If you have a group of 4, it’s easier to take a bus, Taxi or Uber. If it’s just you and a friend, the new UP Express is a great alternative that is also cheap and fast. Since we had a long layover for about 6 hours, we thought it was the best way for only $12 to go to and from the Airport.

It gets travellers to and from the airport in 25 minutes, with trains departing every 15 minutes.

UP Express tickets can be purchased online, on your mobile device and at the vending machines or service counters at UP Express stations. I was a bit confused on what tickets to get since the names of the tickets aren’t intuitive.

  • Long Layover Return $12

You just need to return back to the Up Express within 7 hours.

Between Pearson and Union, UP Express stops at Weston and Bloor stations as well.


We just followed the signs and eventually get there. It was a bit of a walk from the Domestic arrivals, but the signs are pretty clear.


They have automatic doors that open when the train arrives. A cool feature that reminds me of the MTR in Hong Kong.


Trains are equipped with convenient amenities including:

  • WiFi
  • Flight disruption information
  • Overhead luggage storage
  • Luggage racks at access doors
  • Space for oversize baggage
  • Power outlets
  • Tray table on seat backs
  • Toronto events information


Once the train starts, one of their staff comes through the train checking tickets. When they make stops at Weston and Bloor stations, it’s very seamless and doesn’t stop for too long.


At every seat, there is a guide to the city. There might be some useful information to those new to the city, but since I knew where I was going, I didn’t have to read it.

Photo Credit: UP Express

Once we were at Union Station, everything is within walking distance. We didn’t have any luggage with us, so we didn’t feel weighed down.


Since we did arrive really early at 9am, we headed off to St. Lawrence Market for a snack before meeting up with a few friends.



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