The Keg: Lobster Summer Menu

Diana Chan July 29, 2011 Bar and Grill, Four Beakers, North Burnaby

M and I spent an interesting day shopping and returning things at Costco in Burnaby. Seriously, sometimes you can spend forever in all the aisles. Since The Keg is super close to Costco, we were super tempted for some meat!!

I really enjoy The Keg for their prime ribs, atmosphere and more meat.

I walked in looking for prime rib, but when I saw that they had a lobster summer menu that features their fresh batch of lobsters from the east.  It sounded really good, so I had to try something off the menu.


Something wrapped in a white cloth came to the tables. Can you guess what it is? TA DA! It’s the complementary sourdough bread! It was a bit crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. It’s cut up into 4 pieces for you to share between 2 people. I found that eating one piece was good enough for me since I didn’t want to fill up my stomach.

Sometimes I wonder… how much bread do they waste in a month if people don’t finish it all.

M ordered the Tender New York striploin with mashed potatoes. M was so happy! 12oz of yummy yummy meaty goodness. He ordered it medium rare and it came out perfect. It wasn’t tough and it was seasoned with peppercorn on the outside.

I had the Seafood Sirloin ($27.95) grilled sirloin steak, topped with lobster, shrimp and scallops in a chive velouté sauce. Instead of mashed potatoes I ordered the house salad for the side. The salad was alright, nothing very special. Should have gone with the mashed potatoes…

I was disappointed by the size of my sirloin and the minimal seafood. The seafood really didn’t shine in this dish and as always, I could have always used more meat. Beside the size, I really loved the sirloin! Perfectly cooked medium rare with great flavour.

Overall, we really like this place for their steaks, but some dishes can be overpriced.

Words of Wisdom:

  • No reservations, so go early or go late
  • Slightly hard to drive to, so make sure you are driving from the south
  • Can get a bit pricey
  • Amazing steak and prime ribs

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  1. Gloria July 29, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    What’s in their mashed potatoes?
    I think restaurants should do something about their comp’ breads. Some places give you a big loaf even if it’s just 2 people and only finishing half or less. I have been to restaurants that automatically fill up your bread without asking and it is just wasted.
    I think they should ask if you want bread since not everyone eats it or something :/

    • DesignGirl July 29, 2011 at 6:39 pm

      There’s roasted garlic in the mashed potatoes. Way better than the boring normal mashed potatoes.

      Some restaurants do a good job at giving you the right amount of bread, but The Keg just gives too much.

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