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It was another adventure looking up food on Yummy Web since M did not want to move or do anything. It was already getting pretty late and there were not many places open…nor did we want to drive. Eventually we thought about just getting some Thai food from Thailicious.

We ordered online, got a confirmation call and soon they arrived at the door. They accept both cash and cards. There is a $2 delivery charge.

We opened up the first box and lying inside were 4 Thai spring rolls ($6.50). Surprisingly for takeout, the skin was still crunchy. I find that with keeping fried items in a box, it just ends up steaming itself and going soggy. M was impressed by the spring rolls even though they were vegetarian. I don’t think he knew it was vegetarian hahaha. What is with men and their hate for vegetables? Anyways, The spring roll is filled with vermicelli and vegetables. It comes with 1 sweet/sour peanut sauce and 1 container of pickled vegetables.

M ordered the Sautéed Chicken Thick Red Curry ($11) with a side of Jasmine Rice ($1.50). The sauce is a thick red peanut curry sauce made with coconut milk, bell peppers and Thai sweet basil. Topped with sliced kaffir lime leaf. M liked it, it had great flavour and good sizable chicken pieces.

One thing we did notice was the curry was very soupy and not “thick” at all.

I ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai ($13). This has pan-fried rice noodles with their special sweet and sour sauce. It also has egg, tofu, bean sprouts, chives and topped with ground peanut.

This container was very hot and stayed hot for a while. This only had about 2 pieces of shrimp, so I was a bit disappointed. You need to dig around till you can actually find it. I ate the noodles and then discovered it was hiding under neither. When I tried squeezing the lime into the pad thai, nothing came out. It seems like the lime has been sitting out for a while.

The pad thai was bland and really was not very special. I probably would not order this again.

With all these items adding up, it was quite expensive and not the best. The next day, we got another phone call from Thailicious saying our order was ready. We were really confused since we got our order the day before. It seems like something weird going on with their ordering system.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Order online/phone
  • Delivery/ pickup
  • Expensive
  • Only good thing are spring rolls

We Rate Thailicious:


1428 Vernon Drive
Vancouver, BC

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