McDonalds Hawaii: Taro Pie and Kona Iced Coffee Review

Diana Chan April 26, 2018 Fast Food

When in Hawaii, taking a trip to McDonalds to see new items that aren’t available in Canada is what I find so much fun. I saw that they had Kona Iced Coffee and Taro Pie for a limited time only, so we made a visit.

There are a few McDonalds located in Waikiki and Honolulu, so we went to the closest one to our hotel.

The Taro Pie has chunks of purple taro on the inside, which was slightly sweet. All the filling was encased inside their pie dough deep-fried to a golden brown. I was surprised that the exterior was different than the ones in North America. Maybe I haven’t had a pie in a long time but it felt more flakey.

Upon first bite, I was hooked on the pie. I shared it with my friend but I secretly wanted a few to myself. It was great to try and I would highly recommend this.

The Kona Iced Coffee is a good pairing as it is ice cold for the hot Hawaii weather. Great taste with a little bit of milk and sugar to pair with the taro pie.


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