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Diana Chan April 6, 2014 Cafe, Las Vegas


When in Vegas, go to Starbucks. At least that’s what my sisters and I did. She’s really obsessed about getting those collectible Starbucks mugs from different cities around the world. While walking inside Caesars Palace, we found a Starbucks and needed a cool drink to refresh us.


The Starbucks in Caesars Palace is located to the left of the lobby.


The space is quite small, but there are these long long couches to rest for a bit and enjoy your beverage. It’s not a cafe where you can sit for a while.


Another huge difference are the prices. Most tall drinks are $6 and it has a crazy markup. I pay about half the price in Vancouver. My wallet hurt after coming here.

After going to this location, I started looking at the other location’s prices and it can vary from $5 to $6 for tall drinks.


Vanilla Macchiato was the drink that they are currently advertising. In Canada, they introduced the Maple Macchiato and in the states, they released the Vanilla Macchiato. How different right?


The Vanilla Macchiato is a multi-layered drink that has steamed milk, espresso, and the sweet drizzle made of brown sugar, butter, vanilla and some salt.

I got my drink in iced form since it was pretty hot outside. The drink was ok, but nothing special.


The other drinks we ordered were iced green tea and iced coffee. Pretty standard stuff. We spent over $20 of 4 tall drinks which sucks. But, it’s on The Strip, so always expect to pay more.


3570 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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