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Diana Chan December 3, 2014 Coquitlam, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers, WestCoast


M and I wanted to spend a lovely Wednesday out at Stake to eat some steak. Of course, they serve much more than just steak. They have a variety of items that are inspired by local produce and west coast cuisine.


They have a special on Wednesday nights called the Hump Day Date Night Menu, which costs $49.99 per couple.

This includes:

Artisan Greens for Two

Dinner Platter for Two
Select two of your favourites served with silky mashed potatoes and sautéed baby vegetables

  • Pan-seared Spring Salmon
  • Braised Lamb Shank
  • BBQ Whiskey Glazed Beef Ribs
  • Free Range Chicken Breast
  • Pan-Seared Truffle Polenta

Dessert Platter for Two

  • Mango Cheese Cake
  • Chocolate Marquise

You can even do a few add-ons to the menu.

  • Bottle of Wine (+$20)
  • Pan Seared Garlic Prawns (+$10)
  • Pan Seared Scallops (+$10)
  • Stake-cut Onion Rings (+$8)
  • Roasted Mushrooms and Garlic with Fresh Thyme (+$8)
  • Glazed Golden Beets with Fresh Thyme (+$5)
  • Steam Asparagus with Lemon (+$8)


There’s not too many people here on a Wednesday evening, but with the holidays coming up, the tables are nicely decorated.


We stated off with complimentary bread and butter. It came with a good amount of slices. M and I couldn’t finish it all. We both just had one piece since we wanted to save room for the platter.


Artisan Greens comes with Golden Ears Quark Cheese, walnut wafer, shaved carrots, roasted red pepper with a raspberry vinaigrette. We got 2 of these as part of the meal. It was a yummy simple salad.



The dinner platter arrived and M and I chose the Braised Lamb Shank and the Pan-Seared Truffle Polenta. There were 2 balls of mashed potatoes, carrots, beets, asparagus and gravy.  It was a good size for 2 people to share.

I found it was actually quite fun having it all on one platter. Instead of having our own individual meals, we had fun fighting who gets the last bite of lamb.


Braised Lamb Shank was very tender and fell apart beautifully. Mmm Mmm very delicious!


Pan-Seared Truffle Polenta looks like an omelette but it’s not. The polenta is very delicious and quite fluffy. One of the best polenta’s I’ve had so far.


We decided to add on the Stake-cut Onion Rings (+$8). The looked more like donuts than onion rings. It was very salty and had mostly batter. We didn’t like these very much.


Mango Cheese Cake was very good! Whats not to like? Cheesecake is always a winner.

The Chocolate Marquise wasn’t very good this time. It was very hard to cut through. This was very different from the last time I had it.

Overall, the food was good but it was only the Chocolate Marquise and the onion rings that we didn’t like. Service was good and the food came out at a good speed.

We Rate Stake:

2080 United Boulevard
Coquitlam, BC


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