Sharetea: Bubble Tea and TorDa in Vancovuer

Sharetea opened their latest location on Cambie Street close to Broadway-City Hall Skytrain on the Canada Line. They started in 1992 in Taipei serving black tea and pearl milk tea. Since then Sharetea has opened over 450 stores in 18 countries. We came here to try a few of their signature drinks as well as their TorDa treats.


There are a few tables inside to sit with group if you are lucky enough to snag a table. They do offer free wifi too.Most people grab their drinks to go.

There is free parking in the underground.

Black Pearl TorDa

Inside is filled with Sharetea’s black tea custard and the chewy pearls. It has an interesting texture as it’s mostly the squishy pearls. The black tea is subtle.

Tuna Cheese TorDa with Honey Mustard

This is their savoury creation stuffed with tuna, cheese and honey mustard. It’s like a savoury sandwich waffle.

Red Bean Torda

In this one, there is custard and red bean, which is a great combination if you enjoy red bean.

Mango Green Milk Tea with Pearls

We is made with 50% sugar and less ice, which they recommend.

Oolong Milk Tea with Herb Jelly

We got this with 50% sugar and less ice which is recommended. One of my favourites.

Hawaii Fruit Tea

It is made with 50% sugar and less ice.It’s a good item if you love fruity teas. Great for a nice hot summer.


Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea

We got this with 80% sugar with less ice. I like the depth of the Hokkaido milk tea and the pearl gives the drink a chewy texture as you drink.

Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea

Similar to the other ones, it has80% less sugar and less ice. This black tea is slightly different, but enjoy able as well. I am a huge black tea fan, so any milk tea is good.

Coffee Creama

It is recommended  50% sugar and less ice. I’m not a fan of coffee types of bubble tea, but if you do love coffee, this could be an option.

Taro QQ

For taro fan, you’ll enjoy this yummy taro drink. Decent flavour and taste.

Final Thoughts

Overall, lots of varieties of bubble tea to choose from and I love how you can customize ice and sugar levels to cater to your tastes. With the addition of the TorDa on the menu, it’s a delicious snack to pair with bubble tea.

We Rate Sharetea

2828 Cambie St, Vancouver


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