Schwartz’s Deli: Montreal Smoked Meat At It’s Finest

Diana Chan June 10, 2012 Four Beakers, Plateau Mont-Royal, Sandwich

Schwartz’s Deli is an iconic restaurant in Montreal and is known to have huge lines! As I was in Montreal, I knew I had to have a taste of their smoked meat. People around the world have been raving about this place, so I had to see for myself if it lives up to all that hype. PLUS, Celine Dion and her husband own a portion of this restaurant.

As I left CanuckGirl to hike up Mount Royal by herself, I headed over to Schwartz’s. Exercising is good and all, but I can exercise in Vancouver too. I know, I’m horrible…I just love food.

There was a huge line outside and it would probably take 30 mins to an hour to get a seat. I decided to bypass the line by ordering takeout. If you do get takeout, you just walk through the door and no one in the line should bother you.

The restaurant is very narrow so no wonder they can’t fit too many people here. For takeout, just walk up to the right of the restaurant and order, then pay on the left side of the restaurant near the door.

I got my sandwich and found a park to eat at, I was sad that the sandwich was so small. FYI, when eating at a park, you will probably attract a few birds and squirrels….so guard your sandwich.

Mmm… look at that meat.

The meat was very thickly cut, fatty and very tender! The cross-section of the sandwich does look quite amazing, but it’s still not that large of a sandwich. Since it was only $6.15, it was a decent price. I have never seen any other restaurant have such thickly cut smoked meat. Any smoked meat needs mustard, but it sucks how it had to be the usual yellow mustard.

Overall, I loved it and I would go again just for their meat. If you have no patience for lining up and just want that sandwich fast, do takeout and you will save yourself lots of time.

Words of Wisdom:

  • A must-go spot for tourists
  • Under $10
  • Long lines
  • Must get the smoked meat

We Rate Schwartz’s Deli:

3895 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, QC


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  1. WS June 11, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    You can probably get a counter seat at Schwartz’s with not much of a wait even with a long lineup like you did. Your smoked meat sandwich, the meat looks too lean for my liking & it’s cut too thick(the two bottom pieces). Usually they don’t cut it that thick.

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