Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe: Pies and Milk Tea

Diana Chan September 2, 2013 Bakery, Cafe, Chinatown, Chinese, Three Beakers


Chinatown in Chicago was a place I wanted to check out. Usually on my travels,  I just have to stop by to see how it compares to Vancouver’s Chinatown. I usually find that no matter where in the world you go, every Chinatown has a similar odor of fresh produce and dried medicine.

I wanted to grab a little snack, so my aunt suggested Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe for some egg tarts or little baked goods. People usually come here for egg tarts and pork buns.

Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe

On the inside, there are display cases for cakes and the baked goods. There are lots of round tables where you can order other items off the menu that aren’t buns or tarts like noodles and rice dishes.

Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe

Chicken Pie and HK Style Milk Tea. The chicken pie was good. Nothing fancy and inexpensive. I found the milk tea to be a little bit too sweet, so ask them to do it half sweet.

Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe

Curry Beef Turnover and HK Style Milk Tea. The outer layers are nice flaky and crunchy with the savory fragrant beef curry on the inside.

Overall, it’s a nice hole in the wall restaurant. No fancy decor, but has some good food.

We Rate Saint Anna Bakery & Cafe

2158 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL

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