Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong 雅馨緬甸餐廳: Burmese Restaurant in Macau

Diana Chan October 12, 2012 Macau

We arrived in Macau for a 2 day trip. It’s not very far from Hong Kong and people call it the “Vegas” of Hong Kong. There are tons of Casinos and a lot of rich history in their historical buildings.

We met up with some relatives and headed to Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong. They took us here since my Grandpa really wanted some Burmese noodles.

There are 2 floors to the restaurant. The interior is nothing special, just a regular cafe.

Soy Bean Milk is one of their specialties. They make it themselves and does have more of a gritty texture.

Can of Coke No matter where you go in the world, there will always be Coke!

Fried Samosa  were OK, but it’s not a good as Indian Samosas.

Fried Spring Rolls was very crunchy, but the skin was more thick than normal.

Fish Soup Noodle has fried bean crackers on top to give it added texture.

Coconut Chicken Noodle in Soup has pieces of chicken with bone and fried Chinese donuts.

Cold Stirred Noodle in Burmese Style was OK, but it wasn’t what my Grandpa and parents were looking for.

Overall, the food was OK, but not super authentic and delicious tasting.

We Rate Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong

27F Rua De Fernao Mendes Pinto R/C,
Santo Antonio, Macau

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