Renaissance Coffee: Quick Cheap Lunch for the SFU Student

Diana Chan July 26, 2011 Cafe, SFU, Three Beakers

As a student, we don’t really have that much money to spend on food. I’ve decided I would try to find some good deals for lunch whether it be on-campus or off campus. Sometimes I do get cravings so I will splurge if it’s something I can’t resist…thats why its just so hard to save money 🙁

At SFU, it’s really hard to find food that is decent and at a reasonable. I am sure we all have had our share of disgusting meals. One place I quite like is Renaissance Coffee at Cornerstone. At lunch they have some pretty good deals that won’t kill your wallet.

I ordered the Half Panini Combo with a Small Latte ($5.60). I actually thought it would be a bit more, but perhaps there was a discount when getting the latte. You get a soup of your choice and half a panini of your choice as well with the combo.

This is so much better than instant noodles or the horrible Koya Chicken Teriyaki that you can get elsewhere on campus.

The Latte was quite normal, nothing too strange about it. One thing to note is that when you order drinks and food together, the drink won’t be delivered to you, so you need to wait at the counter till your beverage is called.

The chicken soup has some sizable pieces of chicken and noodles. I kinda doubt they make it themselves since they have about 8 soups available. It’s still better than the Campbell’s chicken noodle soup.

I got the Roast Beef Panini and it was nicely toasted on the outside. The inside has roast beef and mozzarella cheese. There isn’t a lot of meat, but it is gooey like a grilled cheese sandwich.

The food here is quick, but don’t expect amazing quality. For a student on a budget, this is not bad.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Long line ups during peak times
  • Free Wifi
  • Butter chicken at AQ Location
  • Panini’s & soups at Cornerstone Location
  • Usually the greek salad, pasta salad, wraps and yogurt are good choices for quick eats

We rate Renaissance Coffee: 


8906 University High St
Burnaby, BC
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