Red Burrito (Commercial)

Diana Chan September 11, 2010 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Mexican, Two Beakers

Red Burrito has always in our sights when we go back to Burnaby from Vancouver. After a long day of work and school, M and I decided today was the day we would walk into Red Burrito and see what treasures lie inside.

After a while of trying to find parking, driving into alleys, scratching the bottom of my car, we found a nice spot right near the restaurant. The pay parking is $2 per hour or $1 for 30mins.

You can never miss Red Burrito on Commercial and 1st ave because the lit up sign just illuminates. We walked in and I was surprised it wasn’t really gross and dirty. They have some seats inside and outside to eat. I think a lot of the people who order just take out anyways…cause some sketchy people are around.. like hobos.

The menu was quite simple and it’s easily to read. You choose your item, add the meat, type of salsa, and any additional items in it.

M and I ordered the Red Burrito, which I assume is their best seller because that’s the name of the restaurant.

I didn’t really expect much from this place because of the low ratings, but I was surprised at so much food they gave for $6. There was so much stuffing…I don’t even know how they wrapped it up. It still stayed intact which is good. I was just sad they didn’t add cheese and guacamole free of charge….they cost 1.50 more!!! RIP OFF!

They wrap it up in tin foil and then you can unwrap to enjoy the deliciousness that lays inside.

This Red Burrito was FAT! It was so heavy and was stuffed with so many things that I was super full when I was finished. There was the right amount of ingredients inside and worked super well. I don’t know if this is good or not, but I had to chicken in my burrito and it had some nice texture! It was a bit nice and crunchy. I enjoyed it, but does it mean it’s not fresh chicken? Either way I enjoyed it and I didn’t get sick.

If you want a place that give you bang for your buck, go to Red Burrito to have a Red Burrito because you will get stuffed for $6. They just kinda piss me off that they need to charge extra for cheese and guacamole!

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