[Sneak Peek] Ramen Taka in Aberdeen Centre

Diana Chan April 24, 2019 Japanese, Ramen, Richmond

Ramen Taka has opened their second location at Aberdeen Centre on the 2nd floor. Their first location is on Bidwell and Robson Street. They are best known for their delicious broth that is topped with seasoned Hokkaido lard. It is very rich and piping hot, so make sure not to burn yourself.

We were invited for a sneak peek of their new location and try some menu items.


There is one long table of communal seating and some smaller tables on the side of the restaurant. Good for small to large groups.



It’s great that they have Japanese drinks on the menu that pair with their appetizers and ramen. It’s fun when some drinks just bring back nostalgia like the ramune.

They have alcoholic drinks on the menu but isn’t available just yet.

Ramune is fun because you pop the marble into the drink and it’s like a fizzy soda. UCC Coffee is what the chef’s recommended and you can get it hot or cold.

Dragon’s Wing Gyoza

This comes with 5 pieces to an order. It’s also another chef recommended item on the menu. The gyoza were ok, but we wish they were cooked a bit more crispier on the exterior.

French Fries with Truffle Salt

Who can say no to fries? We clearly couldn’t. These were good but a tad on the soft side. Also, the truffle salt wasn’t as noticeable.


It was described as melt in your mouth, but it was more on the dry side as you can see from the picture. Perhaps they are still working out kinks.

Paitan Dragon’s Dewdrop Shoyu

This has their creamy white tonkotsu pork broth with their signature soy sauce flavour. It also comes with seaweed, chashu, mushroom, bamboo and half an egg. We added corn to this ramen as well as less lard. The broth was delicious but we wished the corn was more crunchy. The chashu was a bit dry and the noodles were a tad overcooked.

Paitan Supreme Dragon Miso

This has their hearty and rich white paitan tonkotsu pork broth with a blend of different miso pastes. This broth was a tad on the salty side but still delicious. It also comes with seaweed, chashu, mushroom, bamboo and half an egg.

Similar to the other ramen, chashu was dry and the noodles were soggy and overcooked.

Final Thoughts

Overall, they have a few kinks to work out before their grand opening. We’ve been to their original location and we know the potential they have and it can be really good. It was nice to see their new second location, but we would recommend waiting a bit till they get a rhythm going.

 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC


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