Rachel’s Ginger Beer: A Treat at Pike Place

Diana Chan February 9, 2014 American, Cafe, Seattle, Three Beakers


Rachel’s Ginger Beer is the newest place in Pike Place in Seattle.  We were wandering around the area after lunch and needed something fizzy to settle our stomachs after eating at Pike Place Chowder.

They started selling their signature Ginger Beer at Seattle’s Farmers Market and with great success, they opened up their shop in Pike Place during the summer of 2013.


When you walk inside, you’ll be mesmerized by all their drinks. These are the larger jugs that are to go.


Don’t be fooled by their name, they have more than just soda. They have boozy cocktails and ice cream. Some of the drinks can be made warm too instead of cold.


When you order a cup of the ginger beer, it comes right from the tap. I think it’s a really cute touch even though it is non-alcoholic.


Mango Tangerine ($5) , Pink Guava ($5) , Original ($4), and  Blueberry ($5) were ordered and it has a very distinctive aftertaste of ginger. You can feel the drink slide down your throat and heating up your body. It can really shock the sickness out of you if you aren’t feeling too well. Good combination is all the soda’s but I liked the original to stay true to ginger beer.

It’s not a drink for everyone. If you don’t like ginger, you probably won’t have a keen liking to the drinks.


We were glad we stumbled upon this cute little shop. I would have never expected a ginger beer shop to exist.

We Rate Rachel’s Ginger Beer:

1530 Post Alley
Seattle, WA


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