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Diana Chan October 9, 2010 Chinese, Renfrew-Collingwood, Two Beakers

After watching the SFU Business Convocation Ceremony, it was off to the Prince Chinese Seafood for some Dim Sum with parents and grandfather.

I always get nervous going to this place because there is never parking available. Luckly, today I found a spot in the back.

For a Thursday afternoon, this place was super packed! I had to weave through a whole bunch of tables before I got to my table.

As usual, I left the ordering of the items to the parents and requested some tofu curd and shrimp dumplings.

Deep Fried Tofu in Peppery Salt ($4.95) is the best fried tofu I have ever had. It was fried really nicely and the inside was soft. The peppery salt with Jalapenos added an extra kick to the dish.

Pan Fried Leather Jacket in Maggie Sauce ($6.75) blew all our minds. Along with the nice crunchy flavour of the fish, the sweet soy sauce work really well with the dish. My dad loved it so much he ate half the plate.

Steamed Spareribs in garlic sauce ($3.75) did not impress me very much. it was quite boring and the garlic sauce wasn’t strong at all.

Steamed Eel with Black bean Sauce ($4.25) was the strangest dish I have ever had. I don’t think I enjoyed the texture of the eel. It tasted like eating fat.

Rice Rolls with beef and chinese parsley ($3.95), it was not as good as other chinese restaurants.

Steamed Beef Tripe with 5 spices ($3.75), I usually avoid this dish because i chew it so much it starts to taste like chemicals. Surprisingly, I just ate it for fun and I didn’t have the same experience with this dish. The 5 spices worked well!

Steamed prawns with spinach dumpling ($3.95), this was just average, nothing special. I expected something different

Stuffed Bean curd in superior broths ($3.75) was my favorite dish. I just really love bean curd in sauce.

After we ate all that food, we waited for our last dish to come but for the longest time it didn’t, so we asked one of the managers to check up on it and she told us it takes 30 minutes to prepare steamed rice with spareribs and chicken. She said it would be coming out shortly. We waited and waited but nothing came. So we asked one of the other waiters to check up on the order but apparently it was never inputted in the machine in the first place. At that point we were just pissed off cause they made us wait for food that was never coming. During the time we waited, another table ordered and finished their meal. Thats pretty bad service that they gave us.

I’ve had decent experiences here before, but this time it was just very bad.

Words of Wisdom

  • No pushing carts, so you can’t really see what you are ordering. Perhaps look up pictures of food they have before ordering if you do not know chinese food very well
  • Service is pretty bad, so be prepare to be flagging down servers
  • Best to arrive around 10am or 10:30am for a good spot without waiting too long in line

The Prince Chinese Seafood has a lot of good sides and bad sides to them. I found that a lot of the food was a hit or a miss. Some items can be quite bland while other dishes are AMAZING.

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2881 Grandview Hwy
Vancouver, BC V5M

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