Parish Cafe: Sandwiches by Famous Local Chefs in Boston, MA

Diana Chan June 18, 2012 American, Back Bay, Sandwich, Three Beakers

CanuckGirl and I were looking for a place close to our hotel for dinner. After surfing on Urbanspoon, we decided to go to Parish Cafe. It was created by Gordon Wilcox and he had a simple concept. He approached all the famous local chefs and asked them to create a sandwich for the Parish Cafe menu.

Each Sandwich is named for the chef and the restaurant they are from. Since most of our menu items are created by other chefs, the standards are high and that’s how they have become quite popular.

On the walls, there are tons of articles about their restaurant.

On a busy weekend, it was quicker to get a table inside than sitting on the patio. 45 mins wait for the patio or a 5 min wait for inside the restaurant? Of course we chose to sit inside.

The Lumiere ($10.50) was created by Michael Leviton, the Chef/Owner of Lumiere, Newton. The sandwich is a slow-roasted pork butt sandwich on a seeded bun with a lime and green curry tartar sauce. Served with an ocean papaya salad topped with peppered peanuts.

The Schlow ($13.25) was created by Michael Schlow, the Chef/Owner of Radius & Via Matta in Boston. It s a roasted rare sirloin, sliced thin, with caramelized onions, tomato confit, arugula and a horseradish-cream sauce. Served on Tuscan wheat bread with coleslaw and mixed greens.

It was quite delicious and had a good amount of rare sirloin.

Overall, the sandwiches were great. The service was quite mediocre as the servers were always in a rush. We would signal to them that we were ready to order but they would not return. It took a while to get their attention.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Decent prices for lunch and dinner
  • Good quality food
  • Get their sandwiches!
  • Close to Arlington Station

We Rate Parish Cafe:
361 Boylston St
Boston, MA


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