Pajo’s Fish and Chips: The Quality Sailed Away

Diana Chan July 7, 2014 Canadian, Richmond, Two Beakers


It’s been a few years going to Pajo’s Fish and Chips. When it was Fathers Day, we took the family out for a stroll around the area and check out the farmers market too. During lunch, we decided to head to Pajo’s for lunch. It was a nice day, so naturally, this place was packed with people. It’s a pretty cool place to eat since you care on a floating platform.


You order on the left side of the building…


Then you wait for your order on the right side. A lot of people accidentally mix the areas up as the waiting area is closest to the entrance.


Once you have you order, you can take it to your table and place it in these slots. Once done, you must return the trays back or else they get mad.


Large Cod Fish and Chips ($13.99) it comes with 2.5 pieces on top of fries. It is a lot of food for one person, so we shared it among the family. When you peel the batter off, you don’t have a lot of fish inside. We were quit disappointed that there was barely any meat.


Cod Fish Burger and Chips ($10.99)  has the burger on top and then the fries on the bottom. I always accidentally order the same item at Pajo’s. Every time it is a mistake and I keep forgetting. I should have read my previous blog post.


The cod pieces were definitely smaller, so you get a lot more bun than what inside. It’s just tartar sauce, deep fried cod fish and lettuce. I would not order this again. I hope I remember if there is a next time.


The fries were limp and bland.


Large Fish Only ($10.99) has 2.5 pieces of battered fish. These were bad too. If you’re paying that much for 2.5 pieces, give us some meat and not just batter.

Overall, it’s a great atmosphere to eat fish and chips outside, but I feel like Pajo’s has lost its quality over the years. None of my sister liked it and has a bunch of other places they would rather go to.

We Rate Pajo’s Fish and Chips

3500 Bayview St
Richmond BC


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