Pajo’s Fish & Chips: Down By The Sea

Diana Chan August 24, 2011 Richmond, Seafood, Three Beakers

I’ve heard the Pajo’s in Steveston is quite popular for Fish & Chips, so it was time for a visit. Pajo’s is located on a dock, which floats on top of the green murky water and it’s attached to the waterfront by stairs. Since it was a very nice sunny day, there were pretty huge line ups just to order.

All the seats on the dock were taken up already!

They also have additional seating near the waterfront, so there is plenty of seating for all! On the hot sunny days, its best to find seating that has shade or else you my develop a nice tan!

They specialize in Fish & Chips, but they also have a large variety of burgers and hot dogs.

They also have beverages and lots of sides to add to your meal.

The first thing you must do is to is to take a look at the menu and order at the first menu, then line up to pick up your order.

Yep, thats tartar sauce that goes with your fish and chips! Yum Yum! Don’t forget to grab yours when you pick up your order.

M and ScarFace both ordered the “One of Each Fish & Chips” ($14.99), which has one piece of salmon, cod and halibut. The 3 pieces rests on a bed of fries. M thought the best fish was the salmon since he really couldn’t tell the halibut and the cod apart due to their taste and color. The fish nice and delicate with a crunchy layer of batter on the outside. M really hated the chips since they were quite bland and soggy.

Even though Vancouver is known for its fresh fish, M still thinks that the best fish & chips are still found in London. He hasn’t found a place here that has amazing Fish & Chips.

I ordered the Halibut Fish Burger and Chips ($10.79). It comes with the burger and a cone of the chips.

Similar to M, I did not take a liking to the chips. Perhaps they didn’t fry them long enough. The only way I could eat them all would be dipping them into the tartar sauce.

The Halibut pieces were quite small, so there were 2 pieces in the burger with tar tar sauce and lettuce. I was not a fan of the bun since it was not toasted. The bun was quite soft. The halibut had a really nice taste, but I wished it came with one large piece of fish and not just 2 smaller pieces. One of the pieces kept trying to escape. Nonetheless, I did enjoy biting into the fish

Overall, they taste of the fish was alright, but the fries are just horrible. Since it’s called Fish & Chips, both should be exceptionally delicious, but it wasn’t too greasy or anything like that.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking on streets
  • Decent Fish, Horrible soggy chips
  • Certain items can get expensive
  • Get seaside atmosphere
  • Salmon is good!

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3500 Bayview St
Richmond, BC V7E



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