Mos Burger: Awesome Fast Food Burgers

Diana Chan November 2, 2012 Fast Food, Hong Kong

Mos Burger is a fast food chain from Japan. It has about 14 locations in Hong Kong near the major malls. They have been around since 1972! Mos Burger specializes in burgers! The burgers aren’t even comparable to any fast food joint I’ve been to so far.

They differentiate themselves as being “healthier” and less geasy than their competitors.

Cold Milk Tea was my sisters favorite drink here. You need to mix in liquid sugar into it, so it’s not pre-sweetened.

Hot Green Tea Latte was rich and frothy with a lot of green tea. Yum!

Mos Burger looks amazing! Everything is perfectly placed on the bun, so you can clearly see every layer. There is a patty, mayo, onion, meat sauce, and tomato between soft buns. It tasted really amazing as the meat sauce made the whole burger savory and moist.

Fish Burger has cheese, a fried filet, mayo, and onions between the 2 buns. It looks similar to McDonalds Fish O Filet, but it was slightly better than McDonalds. Very Very close in taste!

Overall, I was very impressed by this fast food chain! Someone should really bring this to Canada!

We Rate Mos Burger:

Shop 217-218, 2/F, Metroplaza,
223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Fong


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