Moraine Lake: Most Photographed Location in Canada

Diana Chan October 22, 2015 Lake Louise, travel


Moraine Lake is about 14 kms away from the Town of Lake Louise. During busy times it’s a bit hard to find parking here. It’s a great spot to go hiking and some even say it has better views than Lake Louise. It is about half the size, but the view is spectacular. It is also a glacier-fed lake.

Depending on the time of year you make a visit to the area, the one road that takes you to Lake Moraine may be closed.


It was a cloudy day, so the lake didn’t shine as much today.


You’ll notice a rock pile at the beginning of the lake and it’s an actual moraine, which is an accumulation of glacial debris. A lot of people like to climb it as the view from the top is one of the most photographed location in Canada.


We noticed a lot of people were up there. It is about a half a kilometre stroll up there. Besides hiking, you can rent a canoe to go on the lake, go horseback riding, or relax at the Moraine Lake Lodge.

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