Moon Ting Fong Seafood & Hotpot Restaurant: Horrible Service in Hong Kong

Diana Chan August 4, 2012 Chinese, Tin Shui Wai, Two Beakers

Moon Ting Fong Seafood and Hotpot restaurant has a location in Tin Shui Wai. We want to cook dinner during this day, so we decided to just eat out for dinner. My grandpa said they have very good dim sum during lunch and at reasonable prices. He’s never tried dinner here, so we gave it a shot.

For dinner, the room was half full and some people were indulging on hot pots. We decided to go for a set dinner instead.

Pickled onions arrived at the table. We thought it was complementary, but at the end of the meal the did charge us for this. It tasted alright and I think we could have lived without it if we knew we would be charged for this. Also, they charge for tea too!

Daily Soup came with our set meal. It came in a huge pot to our table and what usually happens is the server will bring your bowls and pour it out for you. The server just left the pot there on the table and had no intention of serving us. This was the first thing that ticked us off.

The other ingredients in the soup get put into a separate dish for you to eat with your meal. It’s like two dishes in one! Eventually, we got the server to pour our soup.

Boiled Shrimp was good, but it did get quite messy after a while. The prawns were cooked well and were sweet.

We also got hand wipes to cleanse our hands after peeling all those shrimp shells.

Braised vegetables in fish broth tasted good as the choy absorbed the flavour from the fish sauce.

Steamed Fish in Fish Sauce was ok. The meat was soft and had good flavour. It had a few bones, but it wasn’t too bad.

Roasted BBQ Chicken was very dry and the only delicious part of this was the skin.

Overall, the food was ok, but the service was very horrible. Plus, there were a lot of extra charges that racked up to $100HK more than the price of the set meal. I wouldn’t return, not even for dim sum. A few weeks later, my grandpa wanted to go for some good cheap dim sum after 2pm and I just refused to go. Perhaps other people have had other better experiences, but I won’t return to a restaurant that treats their customers badly.

We rate Moon Ting Fong Seafood & Hotpot restaurant:

1/F, Block 1, Habour Plaza Resort City, 12 Tin Yan Road
Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong

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