McDonalds: S’mores Pie and Cheap McNuggets

Diana Chan September 20, 2012 Fast Food, Seattle

In the United States, they have some crazy menu items at some great prices. It’s always awesome to drive down to the states and try items that are not available in Canada. One of those items was the Smores Pie.

Smores Pie is like a normal pie, but it’s filled with chocolate and marshmallow. You have all the components that go into a smores.

Whats different about this pie is that there is a large slit at the top, so the inside is exposed for all to see.

The smores pies was a tad sweet, but it did have a unique taste. It was like a smores, but less messy!

20 Piece McNuggets ($4.99) is so cheap in the states! You could easily order 100 and not break your wallet! This location didn’t have a larger box for them, so it was split off into 2 boxes.

It’s quite hard to eat 20 all by yourself unless you are super super hungry. My friend and I just split these.

Have you had the chance to try the smore pie or bought yourself a ton of McNuggets?

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  1. MedicalGiraffe September 22, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    i have been craving mcdonalds nuggets for a very long time!
    the slit on top of the pie is weird to me.

  2. peter September 20, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    Where I live 6 nuggets is over $5 plus tav!! 20 is a fortune.

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