McDonalds Canada: Introduces McBites

Diana Chan November 20, 2012 Fast Food

McDonalds Canada finally comes out with the Chicken McBites. A few months ago, it was only available in the United States and a few friends and I actually drove to the states to try it. The McBites are quite different than the ones in the States.

It is paired with either Creamy Ranch or Hot Habanero dipping sauces.

You can choose your McBites is a box of 10 or 20. We though we would be full with 20 McBites, but it was really tiny like mini McNuggets.

It is breaded lightly and seasoned with salt and pepper. The texture inside was similar to McNuggets.

As for the dipping sauce, they are not meant for everyone.

The Hot Habanero sauce was HOT! It was really spicy and made me sweat a little bit.
The Creamy Ranch sauce was similar to the ones you would put on your salad or dip your chips into.

Overall, nothing too special, but it was a fun item for kids. If you’re super hungry, you might want to go with a burger instead.

Have you tried this yet?

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