McDonalds Canada: Baked Butter Tart Pie

Diana Chan November 13, 2014 British Columbia, Fast Food


One new item landing on the McDonalds Canada menu is their Baked Butter Tart Pie and ginger cookies with a few of the holiday drinks. I was curious to try it since I love butter tarts for the holidays. I could eat them all day especially if they have pecans.


It looks like any of their usual McDonalds pies. The crunchy exterior houses their butter tart filling.


You will notice they put raisins to add a bit of texture to the tart, but it doesn’t really do much as they are squishy. Taking a few bites, it was ok, but it was not great. It’s really lacking the essence of what a butter tart tastes like. It tasted more like caramel pie.


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