Mc Donald’s Iced Mocha Review

Diana Chan June 26, 2011 Fast Food, Food for Thought

After going to Eat! Vancouver, I think I am now hooked on McDonald’s Iced Mochas!

It’s made from espresso, ice, chocolate syrup, and milk. It is topped with whipped cream and more chocolate syrup.  The best parts are really the whipped cream and the chocolate syrup on top. It kinda reminds me of the chocolate syrup that goes into the sundaes.

I like to suck up the chocolate syrup with my straw before I drink the iced mocha.

At first, I really didn’t know what to think of the drink since it tasted pretty different from iced mochas from any other coffee joint I have been to.  In a way it tasted like their normal iced coffees with chocolate syrup.

If you are a real coffee expert, this is probably not the best place to get your mochas. I am not an expert on coffee, so if it’s drinkable, I am satisfied.

Nonetheless, it’s still quite decent and it’s good to cool you down on a hot day. For about $3.49 for a large size, it does it’s trick. This drink is only available at McCafe’s, so if you are at a regular McDonalds, you have to stick with the iced coffees.
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