Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ: New Location at Main Street Station

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

Mangal Kiss has set up their second food cart right outside Main Street Skytrain Station. My coworkers are all raving about their amazing sandwiches, soups and wraps. We usually don’t have too many food options in the area, but when something good comes to the area, the word spreads throughout the building.

A few years ago, I first tried their amazing wraps near the Art Gallery and I was hooked to their fresh and flavourful food.  As it’s steps outside my work, I have no excuse not to go for lunch here.

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

Full Sandwich with soup and dessert ($12) was what I ordered for lunch. It was a lot of food, but good food! They ran out of dessert but I got an orange instead.

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

BBQ Braised Short Rib has shaved cabbage, Moroccan spiced carrots, daikon, and pickles. It also has Mangal Kiss bbq sauce and tahini. The vegetables and pickles really make this sandwich emanate with flavour.

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

Lentil Soup was surprisingly really good. It had a nice depth of flavour. Filling too.

Mangal Kiss Mid East BBQ

Chicken Shawarma ($7) was very large and packed full of vegetables. It’s still good, but it isn’t as great as the Shishliks wraps they used to make when they were near the Art Gallery.

What I like about their food is that the portions a large, price is good and its full of vegetables and amazing sauce. If you ever see them, check them out.

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Main Street Skytrain Station

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