Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot Restaurant in South Burnaby

Diana Chan September 19, 2016 Chinese, Hot Pot, South Burnaby, Two Beakers


Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot Restaurant is a new hot pot restaurant in South Burnaby on Kingsway. They are a chain restaurant from China quickly expanding in Vancouver.


They have over 600 restaurants in China. They have 2 more locations on Robson Street and in Richmond. What is unique about their menu compared to their other locations is their pan fried hot pots.


I was invited by the Chopstick Fest, a Chinese Cuisine Festival happening in October later this year to try out a few of their signature dishes.



The interior is nice and has lot of seating. Depending on your group size, the seating can be quite squishy. For us, we had a group of 7 and it was very tight. We also found that for a hot pot place, there wasn’t very good ventilation.

All of us smelled quite intensely of hot pot afterwards.

Pan Fried Hot Pots


We started with the Pan Fried Crab with ginger onion and short rib soup in the centre. Apparently, you eat the items in the outer rings and then drink the soup in the centre.


The crab was hard to pick at since there were no metal seafood crackers. The taste of the soup was very nice.


The second pot we got was Pan fried fish and sauteed beef  in a hot and spicy soup.


This pot had a lot more flavour. The sauteed beef went really well with the hot and spicy soup and spices.

Hot Pot


More spicy soup base is added to the pot. I thought this was pretty strange since the broth would be super oily from the pan fried ingredients originally in the pot. This was definitely a unique experience. We assumed we would get a new pot to switch over but it seemed like it wasn’t the case.


The spicy soup base has quite a kick to it. I always find that spicy is good for cooking meat. It’s a great match to have beef and a good amount of heat.


More of the short rib broth was added to our non spicy hot to cook some meat, veggies, seafood and other items.


To accompany both hot pots, all the extra items are a la carte. So, it’s not all you can eat.


Some of my favourite items were the frozen tofu, quail eggs, and veggies.


Some items were felt were not very fresh like the shrimp. Also the diced beef had bits of shell inside it.


Other menu items


Deep fried buns with condensed milk comes with 6 pieces of buns. Crisp on the outside and I like how there were 2 slits on the top so you can get some condensed milk in the cracks.


Green onion pancake was not good at all. It was only and didn’t have a lot of green onion taste to it. Mostly dough.


Yang chow fried rice was good and an easy item to share with the group.


Fresh young coconut was great for the meal as it quelled the heat from the spicy hot pot.

Overall, we felt like the items were a hit and miss. We also didn’t like how they added the broth into the pan fried hot pot as it made it super oily when we were doing the regular hot pot.

We rate Liu Yi Shou Hot Pot Restaurant25rating

5507 Kingsway, Burnaby BC

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  1. Angie October 28, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    authentic Chongqing hot pot is supposed to be very oily, so the spicy soup is extra hot for cooking your meat quickly. Traditionally, locals don’t even dip it in sauce, they just dip it sesame oil 🙂

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