La Meza Grill: Filipino Food in North Delta

Diana Chan December 28, 2018 Delta, Filipino

La Meza Grill is family-owned and specializes in traditional Filipino cuisine. They opened in June 2014 and created a menu that captures the richness of Filipino cooking. The cooking is heavily influenced by the Spanish Colonial era and a lot of the dishes are sweet, savoury and spicy,

They are located in North Delta right between Richmond and Surrey. Closer to Surrey, but it’s far from Downtown Vancouver to get to. Most people get here by driving and there are lots of parking spots in the plaza.


To get into the restaurant, you need to enter through Season’s Market, which is a Filipino Grocery store with tons of well-priced snacks and goods.

It can get quite busy on weekends at peak hours, but there are always tables available for groups. You can always call ahead for reservations. They also do delivery, take out and catering.



The boys were craving breakfast, so they got their own longsilog breakfast, which has sweet pork sausages with egg, salad and garlic rice. It’s pretty awesome and hits the spot. The garlic rice is so good and you’ll wonder how you went without garlic in rice for such a long time.

The best part is that it’s available all day.

Seafood Palabok

This noodle dish – seafood palabok has thick rice noodles, ground pork rinds, bard-boiled egg in a mixed seafood sauce. I personally loved it but my Filipino friend thought it missed the mark as she’s had many many seafood palabok in her lifetime. It could have used more seafood too.


The spaghetti has ground beef and pork, hotdogs, Filipino-style sweet tomato sauce, and topped with cheese. We loved this especially my husband. It’s not too sweet but it’s like every kid’s dream to have spaghetti and hot dogs hahaha. Reminded us of an elevated comfort dish.

Fresh Lumpia

This is huge and it is a fresh vegetable roll with house special garlic sauce and topped with green onion and peanuts. The garlic sauce is a touch sweet but it goes well with the fresh lumpia.


This is a mixture of taro leaves and minced pork in a spicy coconut milk sauce. It also has some hot peppers in it, so watch out. As we never had taro leaves before, I thought it would be interesting to try. We all didn’t like it because it was more like a mush.

Arroz Caldo

I absolutely love this chicken congee with tons of garlic. It’s like elevated Chinese congee but probably worse for you health-wise, but so damn delicious.

Lechon Kawali

This is delicious deep-fried pork belly and served with a housemade sarsa sauce. You can’t deny the taste of deep-fried pork belly. It’s a must.

Chicken Chicharon Sisig 

On a hot sizzling skillet is diced chicken and chicken chicharon marinated in soy and calamansi. There is also a freshly cracked egg on top, so make sure to mix it a little bit before eating. The hot skillet will cook the egg. I love this dish for its textures and salty and savoury taste.

BBQ Chicken and BBQ Pork Skewers

Both the pork and chicken skewers are marinated in their house sauce and grilled to perfection. It has a good amount of meat on each skewer too.

Garlic Rice

To go with all the dishes, garlic rice is a must. We got a big bowl to share.

Final Thoughts

Surprisingly, we really enjoyed La Meza Grill. The food was excellent, value for the price was outstanding, and the service was ok. It’s now one of my favourite places to go for Filipino Cuisine in the Lower Mainland and you really can’t beat their price for the quality of food you get. Highly recommended.

11955 88 Ave, Delta, B


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