LA Chicken: Church’s Chicken + KFC

Diana Chan October 18, 2014 Fast Food, Richmond


LA Chicken has been around for many many years and has been Richmond’s hidden gem. If you haven’t heard of LA Chicken, now you have. You won’t find them on social media and they also don’t have a website. People seem to stumble upon this place or just hear about it from a friend.


The interior is very outdated and if feels like you’ve walked back in time. When was the last time you saw wallpaper on walls? Most people do take out.


8 pieces of Chicken with fries and medium gravy ($23.00) you get to choose the option of spicy or regular chicken. We got a mixture of the to see the differences.


Original flavour is exactly like KFC but with the crispiness of Church’s Chicken. The first few bites were really great, but some pieces had a crazy amount of salt in the batter. Perhaps it wasn’t mixed properly.


Spicy Flavour is pretty amazing. It wasn’t as salty as the original flavour. It has the right amount of spice, the texture and the flavours were all there. Yum.


Fries were great too. Pretty firm and not soggy. We did eat it in the restaurant, so it was hot and fresh.

Overall, they did combine the positives of both Church’s Chicken and KFC, but my friends and I still prefer Church’s Chicken.

We Rate LA Chicken

160-11780 Thorpe Road
Richmond, BC

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