Kungfu Fish: Sichuan Fish Hot Pot in Aberdeen Mall

Diana Chan February 7, 2018 Hot Pot, Richmond, Seafood

Kungfu Fish specializes in a variety of baked fish and seafood dishes served in hot pots with traditional spicy (and mild) flavours from Sichuan, China. They have over 40 locations in China, USA and Canada. Recently, their latest location is in Richmond inside Aberdeen on the 2nd floor.

Their grand opening is on January 7th and they are having a week of specials, so check the out.


The space inside is very large and is great for groups. There are even 2 private rooms if you want to have more private and intimate dining experience. I love those red doors as they are styled to look like vaults.

Each table has their own service bell, so you can call the servers whenever you need something.


We started with a few different appetizers to begin as we waiting for the main course.

Kungfu Peanuts

Very crunchy and I love the texture with the hint of heat from the peppers.

Bobo Chicken

One of the popular appetizers is Bobo chicken, which has chicken in chili oil. Very delicious and I enjoyed the subtle heat.

Garlic Grilled Scallops

Definitely no shortage of garlic here. Each piece has one scallop and its loaded with garlic. Normally there are 4 pieces per order.

Garlic Grilled Prawns

The prawns are pretty large and cooked well, so it’s still succulent and juicy. Normally, there are 2 pieces per order.

Garlic Grilled Eggplant

This meal definitely had enough garlic to ward off vampires, but it balances well with the items that it sits on top of. The eggplant was cut in a unique was so it lay flat.

Kungfu Sausage


The sausage is spicy and it is cut thinly. Not my favourite item, so next time I would pass on it.

Fish Hot Pot

The 3 different dish hot pots arrived and is very customizable.

  1. Choose your fish:
    Professor Swal (3 pieces)
    Madam Halibut (2lbs)
    Top Secret Sea Cod (2lbs)
  2. Choose your soup base:
    Sichuan Peppercorn
    Chopped Chili
    Hot Pot Tofu
    Pattan Pepper
    Pickled Cabbage
  3. Add ons:
    Fungus, glass noodles, bean curd, bean sprouts, brocolli, lotus roots, vermicelli, rice cake, enoki, sliced potatoes, cabbage, konjak,udon, aged tofu, squid rings, lobster ball, tripe, fish tofu, quail egg, crab sticks, luncheon meat or fish balls.

This were the fish and soup combinations we had that paired pretty well:

  • Professor Swai (basa fish) with Pickled Cabbage
  • Madam Halibut with Sichuan Peppercorn
  • Top Secret Sea Cod with Chopped Chili

The halibut and cod are by far my favourite of the three fish options. Each pot can easily feed 4-6 people and if you need more food, you can add other toppings into it.


They have glass jelly with syrup and raisins. Simple and good way to end the meal. Compliments the spicy hot pot.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the food here is pretty good and we were surprised at how much fish you get per pot. If you have a group of friends, you can easily share one and then add a few items to it to round it out.

2788-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC


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