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We came to Kingyo Izakaya during lunch on a weekday and it was packed! My coworkers wanted sometime really really good, so i suggested we come here. Sadly, I am directionally challenged, so I didn’t realize how far it was from our office.

We wanted to get the Kingyo Bento Box set that is limited to 10 a day, but sadly it was sold out by 11:30am. So, we opted for their regular lunch menu.


AAA+ Beef Fillet Steak Bowl ($14.80) has beef fillet steak with balsamic vinegar, wasabi, butter soy based sauce, served with a poached egg and seaweed on top of rice. It also has miso soup.


Chicken Karaage Wasabi Oroshi Bowl ($9.80) has deep-fried chicken garnished with wasabi and daikon served with mayo and lettuce on top of rice. It has miso soup too.


Fresh Seafood Chirashi-Zushi was the April special on their menu. The chef special changes every month. The dish comes with miso soup.


It has a bed of hot rice topped with a lot of seafood, ikura eggs, sprouts, tobiko and egg. Really good and filling for lunch. Looks really pretty too. I enjoyed it.


Porkloin cutlet/Tonkatsu combo ($13.80) has the deep-fried pork cutlet covered in panko bread crumbs and deep fried. It comes with cabbage salad, miso soup and rice. It was an impressive dish and very fun to eat. The cutlet was also thick and tender with the crunchy exterior crust.

Overall, we had a great time at Kingyo for lunch. It is a tad pricier that some other places for lunch, but it is really good.

We Rate Kingyo: 

871 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G


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