KFC: Wicked Stix Big Box Meal of Disappointment

Diana Chan September 2, 2011 Fast Food, Food for Thought

I went to grab some lunch on the road and I always wanted some Wicked Stix. I heard from a friend that they are so good and I should try it out. I really doubted I would get full just by the wicked stix, so I saw they were selling the Wicked Stix Big Box Meal, so I opted for that choice.

Like all advertisements, it does not look like the advertisement at all. I know it wouldn’t look like the image, but thats what you get with fast food.

The Wicked Stix had no resemblance to the  advertisement and didn’t look like 4 uniform blobs, it looked a bit pornographic to me, but maybe I’m just stick minded.

The taste of the Wicked Stix was not very hot, so I asked from extra hot sauce to go with it. Taste good with the hot sauce and lives up to their name. The taste of it was similar to their chicken and popcorn chicken. Same batter as most of their products.

The Chicken Sandwich had a fried chicken patty, mayo, and lettuce on 2 buns. The sandwich was pretty flattened and looked very miserable. The best part is only the chicken because its the main showcase of this burger. The untoasted bun did nothing to enhance the flavours. The lettuce was pretty minimal and the big glop of mayo just made it so gross.

The Coleslaw is probably one of their better sides. It has a little bit of wasabi kick, but I really don’t know if it is. It does have this very sharp taste.

The fries tasted really good since I guess they use some delicious oil to fry it in. They aren’t super crispy and after a while, they do get pretty soggy.

Overall, it was just ok. Wicked Stix was alright if you add more hot sauce! Everything else is pretty meh. Might as well just go to McDonalds. If I really wanted chicken, I would probably go to Church’s Chicken!

Have you tried the Wicked Stix yet? What is your verdict?


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  1. luvy October 2, 2011 at 8:14 am

    I’ve had them, there pretty good. But Last Time I Went, I Ordered The Wicked Stix Boxed Meal And They Give Me A FUCKING CHICKEN LEG

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