KFC in South Korea: The Best KFC I’ve Ever Had

Diana Chan August 28, 2012 Fast Food, Incheon

I’ve been told the KFC in Asia is crazy good because of the quality of chickens. I heard KFC was even better in Korea, I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat something “finger lickin good”. I had a good amount of time before I had to head to my gate to take the plane back to Hong Kong.

I ordered a 2 piece meal with a coke. I had the option to have it original or spicy. Of course I had it spicy since I was in Korea.

I could not put the chicken down! It was so good! It was very crispy on the outside and the meat was very moist. It wasn’t too spicy, but it did have the right amount of kick to it. YUM! I was very proud to be lickin my fingers at the end.

Even Colonel Sanders want you to lick his fingers. This statue looks a bit awkward, perhaps someone stole his box of chicken.

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  1. bulls604 February 26, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    did they have egg tarts there? i had some in south korea and they are like the Portuguese style egg tarts we get here in chinese bakeries.

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