KFC Canada: Chachos Review

Diana Chan May 17, 2019 Fast Food

KFC Canada just launched their Chachos, which are chicken and nachos combined into one item. It is their deep-fried chicken strips topped with nacho cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, tomatoes, and chives.

You can get them as a Chick N’ Share Chachos, Chachos Box Meal, Chachos combo or a la carte. I went with the Chachos Box Meal and upgraded to a poutine. It comes with a cookie, drink, popcorn chicken, a side, and of course 3 pieces of Chachos.

After taking a few bites, the Chachos are quite salty but with the jalapeño, it does even out a little bit. The nacho cheese and the sour cream were a great addition but I wish I had more of the sauce as I felt it was a bit sparse.

The Chachos is like a drunk or high person’s dream of mashing chicken strips and nachos together… without the nacho chips. Would I order them again? Probably not, but it did give me a great idea to buy some nacho cheese and cream cheese to go with fried chicken if I ever want to do something similar.


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