Kaplan’s Deli: Smoked Meat in a Jewish Deli

Diana Chan July 4, 2013 Deli, Sandwich, Shaughnessy, Three Beakers

Kaplan's Deli

I was wandering around Oakridge and needed a place to eat lunch. I don’t come to this area often, so I asked the people of Twitter where I should go. Sherman chimed in and suggested Kaplans or Applause. Since I’ve already been to Applause a few years ago, I decided to head over to Kaplans. There’s always time for a good sandwich full of meat.

Kaplan's Deli

Walking through the first part of the restaurant looked like a deli, but in the back there are a bunch of tables and booth seating. The servers were really relaxed and didn’t seem like they were happy.

After a while, we recognized that it was a Jewish deli. It can definitely be seen in the menu with items like matza balls and kosher food.

Kaplan's Deli

Lemonade and Root Beer were our choices of beverage to tackle the large sandwiches.

Kaplan's Deli

On the table, there are several condiments – ketchup, hot mustard, regular mustard, dijon mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Kaplan's Deli

Mega is about $14 .95 and comes with cheese and a pile of meat between house made bread. The tooth pick in the sandwich was definitely necessary or else it would fall apart.

There is also a pickle and coleslaw that comes with it.

Kaplan's Deli

Even thought the cross-section of the sandwich is quite thick, it really is just bunched up in the middle. It’s size isn’t even comparable to the ones found in the states.

Kaplan's Deli

Norman Norman is chicken pastrami, cheese and sauerkraut sandwiched between 2 slices of buttered bread. It comes with coleslaw and your choice of fries or latkes. M chose the latkes since he loves them.

He thought it tasted ok, but the price was a bit high for what you get.

Overall, the food was ok, and the service was ok. There wasn’t anything that was particularly amazing.

We Rate Kaplan’s Deli

5775 Oak St
Vancouver, BC

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  1. NightWritergrrr July 4, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I agree. The quality and size of the portions doesn’t equal the cost. Last time we went- ajswurld had a roast beef sandwich that was insanely dry! Very disappointing. My corned beef was lovely though and we both liked the latkes- but they weren’t great. We’re still in search of a really great deli.

  2. kato noir July 24, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Kaplans definitely is past tense. Formerly our go-to cafe for Montreal smoked beef, chicken soup with matza balls or good old fashioned borscht, before it changed ownership it was a happy place patronized by Howe Street brokers and Oak street temple-goers. In the past while the food has become as unpredictable as the sometimes sullen service. At one point when we complained that the borscht had a touch too much vinegar the server told us – with a straight face – that customers were not allowed to complain after they were served! While we occasionally stop in to pick up a bag of bagels for takeout, we no longer go there for a sit-down lunch, .

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