Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom: Review

Diana Chan June 22, 2016 Magic Kingdom, travel

The Jungle Cruise is a short scenic boat tour inside Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. You get to explore the rivers of Asia, Africa and South America all in under 10 minutes.

FastPass+ is offered here, but we didn’t end up getting it as we had other rides in mind for it. The line up was about 20 minutes, so we decided to just wait as we did have sometime to kill before heading to Big Thunder and Splash Mountain.


At first, I wasn’t quite sure about this ride, but I found that they Disney cast member did a fantastic job at keeping us entertained. I kept cracking up because of their jokes filled with puns.

It’s not a fast moving ride at all, but I love the small little details they put in each area. If you’re paying attention, you might just notice them.


Since you are on a boat in the water, you might get a bit wet, but the chances are pretty slim.


M and I enjoyed the Jungle Cruise ride and I would come back again to hear those corny jokes. I’m pretty sure they staff are scripted to some degree, but it’s all about the delivery right?


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