Jugo Juice: Cali Crush, Avocado Toast, Green Glow and Cranberry Chia Pudding

Abbytizer February 6, 2018 Gluten Free Options, Yaletown

Jugo Juice has been my quick go-to to grab something satisfying, and healthy. My past favourites have been the PB and Chocolate, and Big Blue Protein. The Mighty Kale is another favourite I adopted from one of my previous co-workers who would have it everyday for lunch! If I was feeling extra hungry, I would grab a wrap, like the Sweet Chili Chicken.

Cali Crush

I had the pleasure to visit the Jugo Juice in Yaletown to try out their new, featured smoothie, the Cali Crush. This smoothie is packed with grapefruits, lemons and oranges, and is balanced out with strawberries and a hint of cucumber. With all the citrus fruits packed in a Cali Crush, you’re sure to get more than your daily recommended amount of vitamin C, try 349%! Since vitamin C may lessen the duration and symptoms of a cold, this smoothie would be the perfect aid during the cold winter months.

The Cali Crush is slightly tart and sour, but is perfect if you love citrus flavours.There is the option of having whey protein added, which softens the flavour’s tangy zing. I preferred the Cali Crush with the whey protein added because it tasted less tart, and slightly sweet.

Avocado Toast

I can’t think of a better food pairing to the Cali Crush than one of Jugo Juice’s avocado toasts. There are three delicious flavours to choose from, which is all atop a toasted Terra Breads sourdough:

  • Sriracha Honey with Hemp Hearts
  • Olive Tapenade and Fresh Basil
  • Chipotle Corn and Black Beans

My favourite of the three was the Sriracha Honey. I love a good combination of spicy and sweet flavours, and an avocado toast is the perfect vehicle for this delicious sauce. The drizzle is so good, that it actually inspired me to try and make my own Sriracha Honey! The toasted Terra Breads sourdough is crunchy on the edges, and a good chew closer to the middle of the toast. The Olive Tapenade avocado toast was also very tasty! The great thing about avocado toast is that even if I pig-out on more than one slice, I won’t need to feel guilty since it’s healthy!

Green Glow

In addition to tasting the Cali Crush and the avocado toasts, I tried the Green Glow, which has coconut water, avocado (can’t get enough), kale, tropical juices, pineapple, and banana. I couldn’t help but feel good after drinking a great-tasting smoothie, especially since the word “glow” is in its name!

Cranberry Chia Pudding

I also couldn’t help from being curious about the Cranberry Chia Pudding, which has cranberry juice, coconut milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, and strawberry and blueberry compote. It is topped with granola form Terra Breads, which adds a textural contrast to the creaminess of the chia pudding. This was a little cup of happiness for me, and I would get this again as a healthy snack (or breakfast, or dessert). I could eat this anytime!

Final Thoughts

The food tasting at Jugo Juice has reminded me how much I enjoy a really good smoothie, and healthy food options. So if you’re looking for a winter pick-me-up, give the Cali Crush, and one of the delicious avocado toasts on their menu a try!

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