Himalayan Peak: Naanwich, New Sandwich Technology?

Diana Chan July 23, 2011 Indian, North Burnaby, Three Beakers

Being on the SFU Burnaby Campus once a week still gives me plenty of time to check out their food. There really isn’t too much variety, but one of the better restaurants is the Himalayan Peak. They serve up Indian food!


There’s plenty of space for large groups or just a small bunch. They also take reservations. I would always go here with my coworkers for the all-you-can-eat buffets during lunch. Always a good deal for buffet.

Fabo and I ended class and headed here for their Naan-wich. I had it a long long time ago and I remembered it was a pretty strange concept.

When we sat down at the table, we instantly saw a little sign about the naan-wich. I read “A New Era in Sandwich Technology”, I thought it was a super weird tagline for the sandwich. I mean, how revolutionary can this be? Or do they just have horrible marketing?

The naan-wich comes in 2 choices chicken or vegetarian for $7. Since Fabo and I were meat eaters, we both had the chicken naan-wich.

The naan-wich was cut up into 4 quarters and resembled a quesadilla. I found that this was quite messy to eat since one of the naan breads would want to fall off as the other ingredients tried to slide off the other half. They really needed more stickiness on one side to stay adhered them together.

Fabo and I had different strategies of eating this and I just adopted the pizza way of eating this. You will need napkins. Even though this is so, the flavours were pretty good and naan is just so good! I really love naan bread!

The few days later, I was having lunch Downtown with my supervisor and she was taking about the “naan sandwich” at SFU, so I whipped out my camera and showed her. We thought it was a bit funny how it was such a coincidence that I had the photo on my phone.

When you pay your bill at the counter, you will find this strange bowl of candy with a spoon. It is Candied Fennel Seeds. It is very crunchy and tastes like anise or licorice. It refreshes your pallet after the meal!

Overall, it was a good snack and I really love the unique concept.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Regular items on the menu are quite pricey
  • All you can eat Buffet at noon is quite popular
  • Naan-wich is recommended or the paneer
  • No free parking anymore 🙁
  • SFU Student? Free Parking at UniverCity (they don’t check the 2 hr limit)
We Rate Himalayan Peak:  


8901 University High St
Burnaby, BC

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