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Diana Chan September 18, 2010 One Beaker, SFU

Grabbing a bite with my good pal – ScienceNerd, we went to SFU Highland Pub because it’s close and it was the only decent food on campus, which is cheap.

Even though the Highland pub was under renovations, there were very minimal changes done to the pub. The menu was the same, the décor was the same, but the only thing different was the interior of the kitchen. It looked more organized and clean.

The menu is still the same offering pub-like food.

We ordered a coke and ginger ale, nothing fancy or alcoholic since it is during the afternoon. After looking at the menu, we both decided to have the Roasted pork bun. It also comes with your choice of salad or fries or both.If you wonder what is in this roasted pork bun, it has slow roasted pork loin shaved thin and piled on a potato scallion bun with BBQ mayo and applewood smoked cheddar. The sandwich was decent, but I was not very satisfied with it because the meat was cold and dry. My favorite part would be the applewood smoked cheddar and the BBQ mayo but that was it.

There service was strangely pretty good today but on a regular day, the waitress and waiters would be uber slow and the food would be really crappy.

After going to the highland pub for a few years, it has had some improvement in the quality of the food, but the items on the menu are really a hit or a miss.The items on the menu ranges from $7 – $11, so if you are a student that wants cheap decent food without going all the way to Cornerstone, then this is basically your only option. The only way to have good food at SFU is to go off campus.

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  1. SFU student September 28, 2010 at 8:08 am

    I’m pretty sure the donair place at Cornerstone is better than the highland pub…

  2. G March 18, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Only reasons to go to the SFU pub.

    1) you need a drink right away

    2) you like to sit at a table and get “served”

    – food: mediocre (only goodies: beef burgers, fries, raspberry vinaigrette, sometimes the yam wedges)
    – service: ok when it’s not busy (ie not lunch, not after work, not on a Friday – it typically takes about 40mins-1h to get food so don’t expect anything quick during peak times)
    – prices: worst on campus (see menu above for yourself)

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