Havanas: Never Coming Here Again

A group of us were craving Havanas, so we headed there after Social Media Day at Ceili’s. I’ve been to Havanas several times but this visit was very disappointing! I don’t even know if I would ever go to Havanas again after this experience.

The men had the Latino Burger ($18). This huge burger has a beef patty, chorizo sausage, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, avocado, and onions all on a toasted bun.

One thing we noticed instantly was how they don’t cut the sausage in half anymore. This makes eating it a bit problematic because the sausage tries to fall out of the bun. It’s probably best to cut your sausage up (no weird dirty pun intended). M really didn’t like the new bun or how the sausage was not cut up. The best part of the sides are the fries!!

Here was the past review about the burger.

Jojocake and I both ordered the Cobb salad ($15). It is a bed a mixed greens with fried chicken, avocado, pumpkin seeds, bacon, and eggs and finished with a balsamic vinaigrette.

I thought this was a pretty good salad. The fried chicken was very delicious and juicy inside. It’s a very earthy salad, all the ingredients were fresh. It doesn’t look impressive, but it has a good taste. It’s not a heavy meal but you will get full.

The Tuna ceviche ($13) was a major disappointment! They have changed the entire dish into 3 small little tart looking items. It was not even worth $13! That’s more than $4 per “tart”. It tasted so much better before too! The taste was ok, but noting too spectacular.

This is what it use to look like.

After we ate, it took us a while to get the waitresses attention. It also took a while to get the machine to pay with credit. Once she did bring it, she did one transaction … left and didn’t come back for a while. We spent the time waiting looking at each other at the table trying to figure out why it was so slow. It wasn’t a packed day, so this was super odd.

Overall, the food is ok, but the service was really bad and the increased prices are now just a turn off. With so many other restaurants on The Drive, you can go else where.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Overpriced
  • Hit and miss items
  • Great Sangria
  • Slow service

We rate Havana’s: 

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1212 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC

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