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Diana Chan August 27, 2014 Downtown, Izakaya, Japanese, Tapas, Three Beakers


Kanpai! Vancouverites are celebrating the Summer by cooling off with FROZEN BEER. Earlier in July, Guu Garden and Guu Richmond are the only 2 locations in Vancouver that serve Kirin Ichiban Frozen beer. Perfect for summer especially at Guu Garden’s roof top patio.


The foam is frozen at -5ºC which creates a unique texture and keeps beer cold for 30 minutes. Imagine a slushie that tastes like beer foam. It comes in mini size and pint size. As this was our first experience, we went with the mini size as it would be a safe choice just in case we didn’t like it.


The mini frozen beer was quite expensive and we would rather just get their Mega Sapporo for $9, which contains a litre of beer. It’s almost the same price as the frozen beer and you get a lot more beer.

Of course, you can’t just have beer at Guu, you gotta have some yummy fried food to accompany  the meal.


Ebi Mayo (Large $16) are prawn tempura with a chili mayo sauce. If you have a big group of about 4 or 5, it’s best to order the large so there is enough to go around. It’s one of the popular dishes and you can’t go wrong.


Chicken Karaage (Large $12) is one of my favourite dishes. It’s deep fried to perfection and comes with a side of garlic mayo.


Green Bean Fries (Small $5) has the green bean tempura with a side of Japanese mayo. This is surprisingly really good!


Cheese Oden cames with a few pieces of deep fried cheese. This item was also surprisingly good. The stinginess of the cheese and the light and yummy broth worked well together.


Salmon Oshi Sushi ($9.80) is shaped into a block and has a cajun seared sockeye salmon sushi with sliced onion and ponzu on top.


When you compare this to Miku, this just falls flat.


Gyu Tongue Chazuke ($6.80) has beef tongue steak on rice topped with green onion, fried seaweed and wasabi. There is then kanto-dashi broth poured on top.


The tongue wasn’t very good and tasted bland and flavourless. I think if they grilled the tongue and anded some salt and pepper, it would taste a lot better.


Miso Calamari (Small $6) has their deep fried ume marinated squid with a black haccho miso sauce. It tasted ok, but it was pretty average calamari.


Unagi Nuku-Sushi ($7.80) is served in a bamboo steamer. It has sushi rice, bbq eel, sliced omelet and topped with dried seaweed and a side of sansho pepper. Cute presentation but it all tasted quite bland.


Tuna Tataki ($7.80) has the lightly seared sashimi with sliced garlic, scallions, garlic chips and yuzu ponzu sauce. Always a favourite amongst customers here.


Cauliflower Karaage (Small $6) has konbu marinated cauliflower with a side of Japanese Mayo. It tasted ok, but it still can’t compare to Nuba’s amazing cauliflower.

Overall, Guu Garden’s menu has changed over the years, but there are still staple items on the menu that are good – Tuna Tataki, green bean fries, oden, chicken karaage, ebi mayo and of course the beer.

We Rate Guu Garden: 

M101-888 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC


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