On The Grind Cafe: Pedalling Epic Coffee in Vancouver

Diana Chan February 28, 2014 Cafe, Downtown, Four Beakers


Close to my office is a mobile coffee cafe called On The Grind Cafe. It moves around town on a customized bike. I’ve seen it near Science World and Strathcona. It moves around day to day, so it’s never at a consistent location each day.

It’s an eco-friendly cafe as it is powered by solar and pedal power. Plus all their cups are compostable too.


They get their beans from Matchstick Coffee Roasters, which is a local company with an emphasis on hand-crafted preparation and delivery of single-origin coffees.


Their prices are quite fair and in my opinion worth the price. It’s so much better than Starbucks! He can also make customized drinks too, so its not limited to just this list.


Best of all, they take credit cards!!


Brett is the man behind On The Grind Cafe. He has a huge passion for coffee and great guy to chat with while waiting for coffee.


Cappuccino ($3.50) tasted great! Plus, I got great view of Science World and False Creek.

They are near Science World Tuesdays and Thursdays for now. And the other days, they are all around town, so it s good to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see where they are at before you make a trip to get coffee.

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